The Study of Crime, Law and Society

The Study of Crime, Law and Society

This program focuses on the study of crime, its causes and its consequences with a focus on the various social and legal aspects, both at the macro and micro level. The underlying assumption is that crime and socio-legal reaction towards crime reflect and  mirror our societies. The program provides tools for analyzing, crime trends, penal policy and law enforcement policy and provides also in depth knowledge regarding the operation and functioning of police, courts and the prison system. The objective of this program is to provide students with knowledge and good understanding of the different aspects related to crime and deviance from a theoretical points of view, to enable them to conduct independent research in the field and to use this knowledge as practitioners, policy makers and experts in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

Track A - with a Thesis:

Students registered in this track are required to complete 36 academic hours, which includes the required general core curriculum, required core curriculum in this specialization and other electives. In addition, students are required to write two seminar papers and a research thesis. Successful completion of all requirements allows students to continue to pursue a Ph.d program.

Track B - with a Final Exam:

Students registered in track B are required to complete 44 academic hours, which includes the required general core curriculum, the required core curriculum in this specialization and electives. In addition, students are required to write two seminars and to pass a final exam. Students are expected also to participate in their second year in a practicum in which they are assigned to different criminal justice agencies( full details are provided in the program detailed description.

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